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TM 5-4310-379-14 4-26. Compressor VD Pilot Valve. This task covers: a. Replace b. Repair INITIAL SETUP: Tools Materials/Parts (Cont) General Mechanic's Tool Kit (NSN 5180-00-177-7033) Bands, Rubber (Item 5, Appendix D) Bags, Plastic (Item 4, Appendix D) Materials/Parts Tape, Teflon (Item 25, Appendix D) VD Pilot Valve Equipment Condition Tape (Item 24, Appendix D) Lines and fittings removed (para. 4-25). a. Replace.  (figure 4-35) WARNING Cleanliness is Imperative in maintaining and handling diving air system components.  All tools and parts must  be  kept  free  of  oil,  grease,  rust,  or  other  contamination  in  accordance  with  accepted  army  diving cleaning   procedures.      Foreign   substances   within   an   assembly   could   result   in   equipment   failure   and possible injury or death to personnel. Ensure that all air lines and components removed or openings into the air system that provides breathing air  are  covered  with  a  plastic  bag  and  secured  with  a  rubber  band  or  taped  shut.    Small  components should   be   stored   in   a   plastic   bag   and   sealed.      Failure   to   do   so   will   cause   air   system   to   become contaminated and could result in injury or death to the diver. (1) Remove VD pilot valve tee (1) from VD pilot valve (2). (2) Loosen allen set screw (3) and remove VD pilot valve. (3) Position VD pilot valve on bearing carrier (4) and tighten alien set screw (3). WARNING Leave 1 1/2 threads exposed on fitting when applying teflon tape.  This will ensure that no teflon tape will hang down inside the air system.  Teflon tape should be wrapped in such a manner that when the fitting is tightened  the  tape  will  not  loosen.    Failure  to  wrap  teflon  tape  correctly  may  result  in  contamination  or blockage of the air system and subsequent possible injury or death to the diver. (4) Apply teflon tape and install VD pilot valve tee (1) on VD pilot valve (2). 4-86

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