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TM 5-4310-393-14 TABLE 3-1.  OPERATOR/CREW TROUBLESHOOTING PROCEDURES (CONTINUED). MALFUNCTION/SYMPTOM PROBABLE CAUSE TEST OR INSPECTION/CORRECTIVE ACTION COMPRESSOR 5.  COMPRESSOR OIL SIGHT GLASS SHOWS BUBBLES Air trapped in oil pump Vent pump and line (paragraph 3-14.1) Oil pressure regulator. Clean and adjust oil pressure regulator (paragraph 3-14.1). 6.  OIL FOAM IN COMPRESSOR CRANKCASE. Refer to Unit Maintenance. 7.  COMPRESSOR WORKS IRREGULARLY. V-Belt slipping Replace or adjust as indicated (paragraph 3-14.2) 8.  OIL RESIDUE IN DELIVERED AIR. Purification filter cartridge. Replace filter cartridge (paragraph 3-16.2). 9  COMPRESSOR DOES NOT ATTAIN FINAL PRESSURE Condensate drain valves Valves or fittings leaking Tighten. Final stage safety relief valve opening too soon. Replace safety relief valve. Piston rings worn. Refer to Unit Maintenance. Excessive piston clearance Refer to Unit Maintenance. 3-11

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