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TM 9-4310-397-14 CHAPTER 6 GENERAL SUPPORT MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS SECTION I REPAIR PARTS, SPECIAL TOOLS, TEST, MEASUREMENT, AND DIAGNOSTIC EQUIPMENT (TMDE), AND SUPPORT EQUIPMENT 6-1.  GENERAL. a. Repair Parts.  Repair parts are listed and illustrated in the repair parts and special tools list TM 9-4310-39724P covering general support maintenance for this equipment. b. Authorized   Common   Tools   and   Equipment.      Refer   to   the   Modified   Table   of   Organization   and   Equipment (MTOE), CTA 50-970, or CTA 8-100, as applicable to your unit. c. Special Tools.  TMDE, and Support Equipment.  The following list of special tools or test equipment is required for  the  general  support  maintenance  of  the  air  compressor  unit.    Tools  and  test  equipment  found  in  Automotive Maintenance and Repair, SC4910-95-A31 are adequate to accomplish all other maintenance functions required. Name CAGEC Part Number Injection Nozzle Puller (75160) JDE-38 Nozzle Bore Cleaning Tool (75160) JDE-39 Nozzle Tester (75160) JT25510 Nozzle Tester (75160) D-01109AA Injection Nozzle Service Tool Kit (84760) 16494 Wrench 3/4 in.  Special Crowsfoot (75160) JDF22 Injection Pump Removal Tool (75160) JDG670 Valve Seat Puller (75160) JDE41296 Spring Compression Tester (75160) D-01168AA Valve Inspection Center (75160) D-05058ST Flywheel Turning Tool (75160) JDE81-11 or JDE-83 Timing Pin (75160) JDE-814 Idler Gear Bushing Driver (75160) JD-252 Idler Gear Bushing Driver Handle (75160) JDG-537 or OTC815 Gear Timing Tool (75160) JD-254 Front Crankshaft Oil Seal Driver (75160) JD-250 Gear Driver (75160) JDH-7 Piston Liner Height Gauge (75160) JDG451 Cylinder Liner Puller (75160) A-D-01062AA or D-10173AA or B-KCD1001 Ring Groove Wear Gauge (75160) JDE-62 Flexible Cylinder Hone (75160) D-17004 Piston Pin Bushing Remover and Installer (small) (75160) JDE-88 Piston Pin Bushing Remover and Installer (large) (75160) JDE-286 O-ring Groove Cleaning Brush (75160) D-17015BR Piston Ring Compressor (75160) JDE-84 6-1

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