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TM 9-4310-397-14 SECTION III TOOL AND TEST EQUIPMENT REQUIREMENTS FOR AIR COMPRESSOR Tool or Test National/Stock Equipment Maintenance Number Tool Ref Code Level Nomenclature (NSN) Number 1 O General Mechanics Tool Kit 5810-00-699-5273 SC 5180-90- CL-N05 2 F Automotive Maintenance and Repair 4910-00-754-0705 SC 4910-95- CL-A31 3 O Electric Soldering Iron 3439-00-204-3858 FEDWS570 CORDASSE 4 H Piston Ring Compression JDE-84 5 H Injection Nozzle Puller JDE-38B 6 H Nozzle Bore Cleaning Tool JDE-39 7 H Nozzle Tester JT25510 8 H Nozzle Tester D-01109AA 9 H Injection, Nozzle Service Tool Kit 16494 10 H Wrench, 3/4 in. Special Crowsfoot JDF22 11 H Injection Pump Removal Tool JDG275 or JDG535 12 H Valve Seat Puller JDE-41296 13 H Spring Compression Tester D-01168AA 14 H Valve Inspection Center D-05058ST 15 H Flywheel Turning Tool JDE-81-1 or JDE-83 16 H Timing Pin JDE-81-4 17 H Idler Gear Bushing Driver JD-252 18 H Idler Gear Bushing Driver Handle JDG-537 (OTC815) 19 H Gear Timing Tool JD-254 20 H Front Crankshaft Oil Seal Driver JD-250 21 H Gear Driver JDH-7 22 H Piston Liner Height Gauge A-JDG451 B-12

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